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Welcome to Breakfast

Beignets- with powdered sugar and chicory cafe anglaise 4.95
Coffee Cake- Seasonal berry crumble 2.95
Maple Pecan Bacon- As amazing as it sounds 3.95
Red Eye Express- Smoked Brisket, 2 eggs,

Breakfast Plates

Breakfast Napoleon- Thick cut Bacon, sautéed mushrooms, spinach and eggs layered up on a bed of cheesy grits with toast 9.95
Baked Eggs- Old school breakfast of 2 eggs baked in cream with bacon, spinach and cheese or with collards, ham hock and cheese (takes a bit, but so worth it). Served with potatoes and toast 10.95
Smoked Brisket Hash- Our in house smoked and braised Brisket chopped and pan-fried with onions, peppers, potatoes and two eggs. Comes with toast 10.95
Holy Trinity Hash- Peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, roasted tomatoes, diced potatoes and jack cheese topped with two eggs and toast 9.95
Pulled Pork and Flapjacks- Our Pulled pork layered with flapjacks(pancakes), 2 eggs and cajun maple syrup 10.95
Chuck Wagon- 2 eggs any style, thick cut bacon or house-made sausage patty with hash browns and choice of biscuit, texas toast or corn bread muffin 7.95


2 egg scrambles, served with potatoes and toast

Cajun- Andouille sausage, red bell peppers, onions and cheddar cheese 9.95
Shrimp Creole- Prawns, roasted tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and jack cheese 10.95
The Texan- Thick cut bacon, fried green tomatoes, mushrooms, green onions and cheddar cheese 9.95
Smokey Joe- Tasso Ham and roasted tomatoes with garlic and fire roasted poblano and smoked gouda 11.95


Eggs Blackstone- Bacon, roasted tomatoes, and poached eggs on an english muffin with classic hollandaise and potatoes 10.95
Tasso Benedict- Tasso Ham and Poached eggs on an english muffin with cajun hollandaise
and potatoes 11.95
Eggs Silles- Fried Green tomatoes on an english muffin with poached eggs, classic hollandaise, and potatoes 9.95

Southern Classics

Chicken Fried Steak- Tenderized cube steak rolled in seasoned flour and fried to perfection. Then smothered in country peppercorn gravy with 2 eggs, potatoes and a biscuit 12.95
Biscuits and Gravy- Our biscuits smothered in homemade sausage gravy with 2 eggs and potatoes 10.95
Chicken and Waffles- A match made in epicurean heaven. 2 pieces of fried chicken piled atop golden bacon-cheddar waffles and drizzled with cajun maple syrup 13.95
Shrimp and Grits- Fresh shrimp sautéed with bacon, mushrooms, onions, and garlic on cheesy grits 13.95
Catfish and Grits- Five pepper rubbed catfish pan fried and served on cheddar jalapeño grits 13.95

Sweet Stuff

Apple Pecan Waffles- Buttermilk waffles topped with toasted pecans and candied granny smith apples 9.95
Flap Jacks- A tower of southern pancakes smothered in melted butter, maple syrup and 2 eggs 9.95
Peach Melba Blintzes- Crepes filled with ricotta cream cheese and lemon zest; topped with caramelized peaches
Browned Steel- Cut Oatmeal-With cranberries, pecans, dried apricots and maple syrup 6.95

For the Lil’ Uns

Short Stack Flap Jacks- 2 southern pancakes 4.95
Pig in a blanket- Bacon wrapped in a pancake 6.95
Egg in a hole- Texas toast with an egg fried in the middle 5.95


Locally roasted coffee by Sunrise Coffee Co, Regular or Decaf
Tazo Hot Tea
Hot Chocolate
Hot Cider
Tomato Juice Orange juice Apple juice Milk 3.00
Champagne Mimosa 6.00