addie mae

Welcome to Dinner

Appetizers and Fun Bites

The Triplets of Tallahassee- Fried green tomatoes, fried okra, and fried green beans served with both cajun ranch and dill ranch sauces 7.95
Deep Fried Pickles- ‘Cause everything is better deep fried. Served with creamy dill ranch 4.95
Texas Chicken Wings- 10 wings lovingly tossed in your choice of honey BBQ or buffalo sauce. Served with blue cheese and celery sticks 9.95
Sweet Potato Fries- The Southern Belle of fried starches. Tossed in spicy brown sugar and served with sauce for your dippin’ pleasure 5.95
Hush Puppies- Deep fried cornbread fritters with cajun maple syrup 4.95
U-shell em Mojo Shrimp- A 1/2 pound of fresh shrimp sautéed in the shell and served in a buttery, jalapeño-citrus pan-sauce 10.95

Soup and Salad

Chili con Carne- Heaps of brisket and kidney beans-How else would they do it down there? Topped with sour cream and green onions. Served with our homemade cornbread Cup 5 Bowl 7.50
Chicken n Dumpling Soup- Just like you wish your mama had made. Creamy chicken and biscuits. Total comfort food! Cup 4 Bowl 6.50
Knife and Fork Salad- Crisp lettuce, cabbage, onion and tomatoes with your choice of blue cheese, dill ranch, cajun ranch or maple dijon vinaigrette 4.95
The Wedge- Just as it sounds- A wedge of Iceberg lettuce, blue cheese dressing, and crispy crumbled bacon 5.95
Cajun Caesar- Classic caesar salad tossed with cornbread croutons and topped with your choice of fried or blackened catfish 11.95
Roasted Chicken Salad- Our slow roasted chicken pulled and served warm on a bed of crisp lettuce with
cabbage, tomato, onion and fried green beans. Drizzled with our maple dijon vinaigrette - 11.95



Hoppin’ John’s Black Eyed Peas n Rice
Cheesy Grits
Collard Greens
Green Beans

Any sauce you love $1

For the Lil’ Uns 6.95 each

Cheeseburger- Natural beef with all the fixin’s on the side. Served with fries.
Bowl of ooey-gooey cheddar mac n cheese. With or without crumbled bacon.
Lil’ Chickie Basket- Pulled Chicken, our roasted chicken pulled off the bone. Served with fries n ketchup.



Fried Chicken n Waffles- A match made in epicurean heaven. 3 pieces of fried chicken piled atop golden bacon-cheddar waffles and drizzled with cajun maple syrup 14.95
Gumbo- A classic Creole stew with chicken, andouille, shrimp, dark roux, okra, rice, and holy trinity. Served with a hush puppy 13.95
Jambalaya- Chicken, andouille, and holy trinity in spicy tomato sauce. Served on rice with one of our hush puppies 13.95
Crawfish Ettouffee- Prawns and crawfish sautéed with holy trinity in cajun gravy. Served over rice with a hush puppy 13.95
Shrimp and Grits- Fresh shrimp sautéed with bacon, mushrooms, onions, and garlic on cheesy grits with one of our hush puppies 12.95
Catfish over Grits- Blackened catfish over cheesy grits with crawfish sauce and a hush puppy 13.95
Red Beans and Rice- Our vegetarian twist on this southern classic with all of the attitude but not the ham. Topped with fried green beans 11.95
Mac n Cheese- with smoked gouda, cheddar, and bacon(or no bacon for our vegetarians) 11.95
Grandma’s Meatloaf- That’s right, this is just how your grandma made it then we rolled in our sweet bbq sauce and baked. Served with mashed potatoes and Green Beans or Collards 12.95
Chicken Fried Steak- Tenderized cube steak coated with seasoned flour and fried to perfection. Served with mashed potatoes, country peppercorn gravy, and green beans or Collards 13.95


Choice of: Cheesy Grits or Hoppin’ John’s Black Eyed Peas n Rice and Collard Greens
or Green Beans and From-scratch Biscuit or Cornbread

BBQ Chicken- Our 3 piece chicken baked to order and smothered in our KC style BBQ sauce 14.95
Southern Fried Chicken- 3 pieces, Breast, thigh, n drumstick brined and fried 14.95
Catfish Fillet- Fresh catfish fried or blackened. Served with a hush puppy and remoulade 15.95
Portobello Mushroom- Sliced and sautéed in Memphis BBQ sauce 12.95
Chipotle bbq Country Ribs- Rubbed, Smoked, and rolled in chipotle bbq sauce 1/2 rack 18.95 whole rack 24.95
Pulled Pork- a BBQ classic, 10 oz rubbed, smoked and mopped Caroline style 13.95
BBQ Beef Brisket- Fall-apart-by-fork brisket. 10 oz covered in our KC style BBQ sauce 14.95